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Frydenstrand camping

Our toilet and bathroom facilities are fine with large rooms and underfloor heating. There is separate handicap room with bath and toilet. Washing machines and tumble dryers. In the camping kitchen there is a microwave and mini oven. For tent campers there is a fridge and possibility of cooking equipment and service.

Frydenstrand Camping 20 km east of Aalborg is the place where you can enjoy your holiday / leisure in covenant with nature. The site is located at Limfjorden, with views to Aalborg and Hals.

Frydenstrand Camping is one of the few places in Denmark with camping directly to the water, and we can always offer a pitch with shelter no matter what way the wind blows. You can also stay in a cabin, cabin apartment if you do not prefer our lovely double rooms.

Peace and quiet

Enjoy the view over the Limfjord and the lively traffic of sailing boats and everything from tankers to luxury liners. From the square you can experience a sunset that cannot be matched in the whole country.The birdlife in the area is unsurpassed. Nature offers both golden eagles and sea eagles, which breed a few km from here. And did someone say cormorant colony, cranes and serpent eagles....

From the benches and tables along the water you can experience the close traffic of sailing ships, cargo ships, tankers and luxury liners, passing the campsite on the way to or from Aalborg Harbor. In the fjord's speckled water you can experience the Porpoise dance in the waves early in the morning and the sunset over the fjord with Aalborg in the background is an experience that is quite healthy to relax to.


If you do not have a tent or caravan, we can offer you a stay in our 4-man cabins, comfortable apartments or in lovely double rooms.

We offer both fixed space and 24-hour seats, for both caravans and motorhomes.